Yet another reason my mother totally rules.

She sent me this: “9 Silly Things People Say When They Hear You Don’t Want Kids (And Ways to Counter Them)”. Worth a read. (One reason: The author terms her chances of having a baby now, at age 45, as “Olsen-twin thin.”)

I like children. I like a world that supports children. I support affordable childcare and health-care for all; I love holding your cute-as-the-dickens infant. I like babysitting occasionally and I have nieces whom I love fiercely. I like talking with kids and I think I have a healthy manner when I do: I hate condescension, but I also believe in boundaries. Many people have told me I’d make a good mother. And when they do, I smile and nod and hand them their baby back.

If I don’t have the deep-gut baby-urge, I see no reason to have children. Unlike Helen Mirren, who is quoted in this story, I don’t find childbirth to be off-putting. To me, it’s nothing short of miraculous. Still, that doesn’t mean I have to do it. And my mother is steadfast in her support of this, and this is one reason she’s so great.

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