That literary reading RAWKED.

Oh, yeah.
A reading without podiums was roughly what I’d had in mind.

Our goal–that of my friend, Dionne and me–was to have our new nonfiction reading series be as much fun as possible, both for the readers and for the people who come.
Voila, the “True Story!” Reading Series.

So far, it’s worked. Each participant shares an artifact from his or her past before reading. So far, we’ve had teenage hate notes, drivers licenses from the ’80s, diary entries from the ’70s, high school yearbooks, and adolescent sweaters explained.

In the future, we’re considering having bands play too. We’re also considering all the neat-o stuff we can do on the interwebs with the audio from the readings.

For now, we’re packin’ the house at Kavarna, a most excellent coffeeshop and bar in Decatur. It was amazing to stand up to emcee last night’s reading–the second one–and see all the faces. Our readers–Tom Bell, Dionne Irving, and Kay Powell–rocked the house. Stay tuned for February, y’all. I hope you can make it.

One thought on “That literary reading RAWKED.”

  1. Looking forward to hearing your most excellent readers. Great idea, greater venture. Being ‘read to’ is so soothing – better than watching TV while you eat. Wonderful to know that a business had the insight to see this as a good thing. All the best to starting your own Renaissance in Atla.

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