True Story 4: Take a listen.

ts4webHey, folks.
If you missed last night’s “True Story!” reading, you can hear it here.  “True Story” is a nonfiction reading series–the city’s first, we think–that my friend Dionne Irving and I started some months back. It’s a lot of fun! You should totally come.

Readers so far have included, among others, Jessica Handler, Kay Powell, Jim May, Jamie Allen and Karen Gentry.

Last night we recorded events for the first time–and holy crow, are we glad we did.

The night’s tales highlighted particular difficulties: dating shiksas, making the perfect Victorian tiara from human hair, and getting band practice going already with Patty Hearst in the room.

The night’s readers were Mickey Dubrow, Kate Sweeney, and Bill Taft. Co-founder Dionne Irving emceed.

Emcee Intro, Dionne Irving[audio:|titles=Emcee Intro]

Mickey Dubrow‘s reading of his story “The Shiksa Paradox” was by turns, humorous, quietly intense, and sorrowful.

Mickey Dubrow, Part 1 of 2 [audio:|titles=Mickey Dubrow One 4.10]
Mickey Dubrow, Part 2 of 2 [audio:|titles=Mickey Dubrow Two 4.10]

Kate Sweeney read from her unpublished book about death practices past and present, American Afterlife. The Victorians had lengthy mourning periods and created macabre mementos–but how much have we really changed?

Kate Sweeney, Part 1 of 2 [audio:|titles=Kate Sweeney One 4.10]
Kate Sweeney, Part 2 of 2 [audio:|titles=Kate Sweeney Two 4.10]

Bill Taft read a meandering, often side-splitting tale about the problem of self confidence. We see a childhood play audition, an adolescent’s obsession with explosives, and a cameo by the late Benjamin, of Taft’s storied former band, Smoke. Oh, and Patty Hearst.

Bill Taft Part, Part 1 of 5 [audio:|titles=Bill Taft One 4.10]
Bill Taft, Part 2 of 5 [audio:|titles=Bill Taft Two 4.10]
Bill Taft, Part 3 of 5 [audio:|titles=Bill Taft Three 4.10]
Bill Taft, Part 4 of 5 [audio:|titles=Bill Taft Four 4.10]
Bill Taft, Part 5 of 5 [audio:|titles=Bill Taft Five 4.10]

Catch the next “True Story!” reading live: June, Kavarna, Decatur, GA. To be kept abreast of all things “True Story!”, write TrueStoryGa(at)gmail.

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