First-ever True Story Writing Workshop!

True Story Writing Workshop
Write-y write write.
Photo credit: Mike Thomas

Hey, y’all. Good news!

It’s tough when you have three true loves. In my case, that’d be writing, radio and teaching. In my ideal world, each week of my life would include all three. For sanity’s sake, I had to put aside the writing classes I was teaching at Emory Continuing Ed this spring while I finished final edits of the book while continuing both to run the reading series and work full-time producing radio stories at the station.

I know, I know. Not such a bad fix to be in.

But, now! Here’s the awesome:

Saturday, July 13th, I’ll be running a one-day nonfiction writing workshop at Peachtree City Library. I’ve taught at University of NC-Wilmington as a grad student, I’ve taught at Clayton State University and at Emory, but I’m thee-rilled to get to spend five hours with folks leading this intensive class. We’ll be workshopping essays-in-progress, doing some excellent revision exercises, and untangling all sorts of thorny craft issues. (Bring your gardening gloves. That metaphorical pair.) Participants will then have the option of taking part in a live reading the following Thursday. The whole thing’s $25. It will be supportive. It will be fun. It will be worth your while.

(And for you True Story followers: Yes, there will be artifacts.)

I really can’t wait. Space is limited, but last I heard, there are still a few open spots. For more info, visit Peachtree City Library’s site. Registration deadline, with a draft of the essay you’d like to workshop, is Friday, July 5th. See ya!

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