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Publishers Weekly
“Sweeney writes with a deft touch and with empathy for mourners, whose stories she relays with clarity and care.”

Kirkus Reviews
“Respectfully illuminating both the ludicrousness and the significance of mourning and its accompanying memorialization rituals, Sweeney reports the unsavory details alongside the poignancy of grief and sorrow. Written with the grim wit and appreciation of investigative reporter Mary Roach, the author delivers informative history on the murky business of death.”

“A considerate exploration of mourning, just haunting enough to attract those with a penchant for macabre oddities.”

Paste Magazine 
“Sweeney writes the perfect story for our time, in the best possible way—with brisk, clear prose, unobtrusive but unflinching.”

Jim Sheeler in The Chattahoochee Review 
“In American Afterlife, Sweeney wades into the minefield of meaningless niceties sprung from a country where ‘death is an enigma.’ Balancing honesty, humor, levity and respect, she pulls the curtain on the cliche, taking us behind the scenes of the places so few of us are willing to venture and in the process reveals the lessons and truths we so often obscure.”

Katherine Pitts, I Wish I Lived in a Library
“I kept reading bits of it aloud to those around me and mentioning it in conversation….Sweeney is going on my short list of authors to keep an eye on. If she managed to make the subject of death fascinating, non-morbid and non-judgmental she could probably make just about any subject fascinating.”


WCQS’s Morning Edition (Asheville, NC NPR station June 24, 2014)

Missouri Review Podcast (June 12, 2014)

Backstory with the American History Guys episode “Grave Matters: A History of Death and Mourning” (public radio program and podcast, May 23, 2014)

Interviewed in Palaver Journal (Spring 2014) (April 25, 2014)

Talus, or Scree Podcast (May 21, 2014)

Utne Reader (“Getting Inked and Letting Go,” January, 2014)

Charlotte Talks (WFAE, Charlotte’s NPR station, April 10, 2014)

On the Story (GPB-TV, April 8, 2014)

Ideastream’s (Cleveland NPR) The Sound of Ideas (“Mourning in America,” Tuesday, March 25, 2014)

American Afterlife featured on Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish (“Cremains of the Day,” Monday, March 24, 2014)

Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time (“American Afterlife, NSA Reform, Share Some Books,” Tuesday, March 25, 2014)

Atl&Co  (WXIA, 11Alive, Atlanta, March 11, 2014)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (“The Cemetery’s Cemetery,” Saturday, March 1,  2014)

Featured in ArtsATL (“Atlanta Authors…Explore Loss, Grief, Healing,” Tuesday, March 11, 2014)

WABE 90.1 FM’s Morning Edition (“Remembering the Dearly Departed: New Book Looks at the Ways We Mourn,” Wednesday, March 19, 2014)

 American Afterlife named on list of “Suggested Favorites” for 2014 by the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Jan. 2, 2014)

Kate Sweeney named one of “20 People to Watch in 2014” by Creative Loafing Atlanta (Jan. 2, 2014)

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